Tramway posters

1908 Melbourne Tramways Map – $49.00
Detail of 1908 Melbourne Tramways Map
A reproduction map, on high quality paper suitable for framing, showing Melbourne’s horse, cable and electric tramways and steam railways in 1908.
Melbourne Tramways Map 1914–1918 – $30.00
Detail of Melbourne Tramways Map 1914-1918
By 1918 the core of Melbourne’s tramway network was in place. This colour-coded poster-style map details the routes and interchange points across the seven different operators over the period 1914 to 1918.
Mopsy tram poster – $30.00
Mopsy tram poster
Colourful A3 size poster celebrating Melbourne’s W class trams. Designed and printed in Melbourne.
W Class Blueprint – $30.00
Detail of W Class Blueprint - Melbourne Tram Museum
High quality poster showing blueprint plans for the first four types of Melbourne W class trams. Available in blue or green.