Do you have any tramway memorabilia?

We are always interested in receiving donations of tramway material related to Melbourne or Victorian trams, including photographs, film, tickets, documents, uniforms and other ephemera. Donors of material are acknowledged in ‘The Bellcord’, the journal of the Melbourne Tram Museum.

When considering making a donation to the collection of the Melbourne Tram Museum, you should be aware of our policy guidelines for accepting donations of material:

  • the donated item must be relevant to the collection’s primary purpose – to record and/or illustrate the history of Victorian tramways
  • relevant documentation and provenance should be available, and the donor should be able to demonstrate clear title to the donated item
  • where possible, the condition of the item should be reasonable, unless worth to the collection of the individual item outweighs its condition
  • storage and display conditions must be available and suitable for the item
  • conditional terms of donation will not be accepted
  • duplicates in general will not be accepted unless with particular relevant provenance, or to provide the situation where an object may be stored and another displayed and possibly result in the object’s deterioration or to provide a reference or library copy, or where the condition is superior to an existing item in the collection
  • the item will be available for research or viewing, i.e. not for private use only.

If you have any such items you wish to donate, please contact us or call in on one of our open days.